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  • Alysha Jivani

    Alysha Jivani

    curious ux designer & researcher who loves transforming abstract concepts into tangible user flows and observing how people use and get confused by technology

  • Tom Munnecke

    Tom Munnecke

    Consultant, entrepreneur, humanitarian eclectic; one of original designers of VistA and CHCS electronic health records.

  • Carl Alviani

    Carl Alviani

    Writer and UX strategist. Co-founder of Protagonist Studio. Obsessed with design’s hidden consequences. Living in Amsterdam, with my heart in the PacNW.

  • Erik Hoel

    Erik Hoel

    Writer and scientist. Forbes 30 under 30. WARNING: reach may exceed grasp.


    All you need to know about cryptocurrency companies at

  • Geoff Nesnow

    Geoff Nesnow

    Faculty @hultboston | Concerned about the future of work | Naturally curious dot-connector | Recovering intrapreneur | More at

  • Daniel Rosado

    Daniel Rosado

    iOS Developer - Freelancing. Climber and snowboarder wannabe.

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